Total Balance

Total Balance

To create balance in our life, a balance with an impact in our immediate surroundings and the world, we need each other in order to help each other. We believe that every person is special and can contribute to creating total balance in his or her own way. How people create balance and what balance means in their lives varies from person to person. The only constant is:

You create your own balance!

Having shared this core thought about our brand has instilled a positive feeling among others motivating them to start talking about how they find total balance in their lives.

General brand recognition
  • Every Total Balance product has two colors, where one color outweighs the other.
  • The basic Total Balance colors.
  • Playing with balance and unbalance in the product range.
  • Sustainable products create balance in our environment.
We created the brand Total Balance

We all are faced with a multitude of decisions to be made on a daily basis, being able to accomplish those without stressing our heart and mind is the Total Balance way.

Needing harmony in the parts of a whole, to create,evolve and continuously seeking balance in the quality of life and environment are the driving factors and thoughts of Total Balance.

We thank the millennial generation as their desire to decide what matters most to them in finding that balance has played a key role in the creation of Total Balance, A balance that is not dictated to them rather a balance created by them.

These core thought come to “life” in the designs and collections of ” Total Balance.”

Total Balance is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle

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