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The Brand

The ongoing creation and seeking of balance in your life is the core idea in Total Balance's mindset.

We have put this principle into practice in our assortment. Every Total Balance product has two colors, where one color outweighs the other.

Total Balance and it's application in the collection is carefully put together in co-operation with young people from the target group 21 to 28 year old and transformed into design.

From the evolution talks it clearly emerged that our brand comes across well with its various looks and the comfortable fit.

The Experiences

Having to handle the various elements in life, without feeling that the heart or the mind are being pulled too hard in any direction,is the way Total Balance experience balance.

Harmony in the parts of a whole, to create,evolve and continuously seeking balance in the quality of life and environment are the driving factors and thoughts of Total Balance.

Young people who have helped us with this process are enthusiastic and became even more so after they had tested our shorts.

The clothes feel comfortable and be of good quality. These young people particularly indicated that they want to determine for themselves what they consider to be balance.

These principles come to "life" in the designs and collections developed by Total Balance.

Total Balance is more than a brand. It's a lifestyle.

For more information: | Address: Total Balance B.V. Randstad 20-25, 1314 BB Almere, the Netherlands.